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Rise_Set Rising and setting times of Sun, Moon or planet; twilight times; hours of darkness; transit times .
Moon_Viz First visibility of the new crescent Moon (data available for 1980-2025 only).
Alt_Az Altitude and azimuth of Sun, Moon or planet for a given date or range of dates.
Az_at_Alt Azimuth of Sun, Moon or planet at rising and setting.
Alt_at_Az Time and altitude of Sun or Moon, given the azimuth.
Prayers Islamic prayer times, times of sunrise/sunset, twilights or when the depression of the Sun's centre is 15° or 17° 30'.
Almanac Site specific data for a given date and time for the Sun, Moon and Planets.
Eqnx_Sol Times of Solstices and Equinoxes for a given year.
Moon_Phase Times Moon phases following a given date or for a given year.
Info Astronomical & Calendarial Sheets and Maps for Eclipses, First Sighting of New Moon and Time Zones.
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Feedback Send your comments on the Websurf service.
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